WHATEVER YOU SOW, YOU SHALL REAP…a letter to two generations.

The body without a mind is like a remote control without batteries, it is beautiful but useless, it exists  but refuses to live. Such is the fate of a country that does not place value on her youths.

We live in a very beautiful country,

A country very rich in mineral resources

A country very rich in cultural heritage

A country termed the GIANT OF AFRICA

A country that has placed so much hope and expectations on the YOUTHS who constitute about 70% of the total population of the most populous black nation in the world.

 But alas! The older generation have suddenly become afraid of handing over the future of this country to the supposed future leaders-the youths-because according to them “we are a wasted generation”. The older generation are not convinced that we can take this country to her Canan, a place where she can conviniently compete with other countries of the world. WHY? Because they look around and all they see are youths who do not want to work yet want to be successful. Youths who have suddenly become comfortable  with soiling the image of the country by resorting to armed robbery, examination cheats, prostitution, cyber fraudsters…thereby leading our dear country NIGERIA to rise and become one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

“we are afraid of the future of this country” has become the new anthem on the lips of the older generation. This is what I have to say to them: WHATEVER YOU SOW, YOU SHALL REAP.

I remember clearly the words of an old Chinese proverb

“If you want to plan for a year, plant maize

If you want to plan for a decade, plant trees

If you want to plan for the future, educate the youths”

Can we then say that we have been educated?

We now live in a country that prides herself on the accolades gotten from sending troops to help in wars. Isn’t the best of battles fought and won in the minds; in the classrooms?

We now live in a country where only less than 15% of the annual budget is allocated to the educational sector.

We now live in a country well decorated with under-aged children hawking the streets at the expense of their lives.

We now live in a country where poverty has become a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

We now live in a country where basic infrastructures are now taught in ‘history’ classes.

We now live in a country where stable power supply is only enjoyed on a ‘ CNN interview’.

We now live in a country where a bomb has suddenly become celebration cake during independence anniversary. Perhaps it’s the 22nd gunshot salute.

Now the older generation that has placed blames on the youths have carved a niche for themselves by struggling to be successful inspite of unfriendly situations.

I belong to a school of thought which believes  that “whatever you hear and see for a period of time you become”. We read on the national dailies, we watch and listen to news on media stations how our leaders-the older generation-embezzle public funds in their millions, how takers of bribe are convicted and the givers remain connected.

The older generation in this respect , expect the youths to be saints when they themselves have failed in living up to the standard of role models.

One thing I know and I am certain of with respect to the youths of this great country NIGERIA is that, we are STRONG, POWERFUL, FILLED with POTENTIALS and capable of doing what the older generation will not do.

Would we then not rather divert our strength and will-power to developing our dear country NIGERIA?

Would we rather then not prefer to prove to the older generation that we are more than capable of restoring the glory of this nation by leading her to her canaan?


Would we rather not prefer that the generation coming after us and our children unborn have a different story about us?

I ask you this question?

“would the boy you are today be proud of the father you would be tomorrow?

Would the girl you are today be proud of the mother you would be tomorrow?”

Therefore let us rise as YOUTHS and claim our future which begins TODAY!!!


Thank you.


OJOBARO Babatunde *MC Rain*

Tweeter: @mcrain2202

FaceBook: MC Rain

Email: ojobaron@yahoo.com, funnymcrain@gmail.com


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